Company Profile


Zhengzhou Yafu Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise integrating development, design, production and sales of household glassware industry and trade.


Zhengzhou Yafu was established in 1999 and has many years of advanced experience in marketing and quality control. It has a factory of more than 15,000 square meters in Zhengzhou, Henan, with 8 production lines.We can meet customers' small batch personalized customization services, and also provide OEM and ODM services. At present, we have millions of products in stock, so that Zhengzhou Yafu can meet the various needs of merchants.


In 2002, Zhengzhou Yafu established the Import and Export Department, which is engaged in product development, sustainable innovation and coordination of import and export affairs. After years of reasonable growth, Zhengzhou Yafu has become a legal entity, capable of independently and effectively operating all export affairs in the export business; and maintains good cooperation with top European and American brands, and conducts technical exchanges and product development with them in the import line.
Our current customers have spread all over the world in more than 200 countries,and our company now extends to 16 offices around the world.


YAFU is committed to helping customers achieve their goals, personalize their product experience, provide an environment for innovation, and create different products.



Our strong sense of identity with client projects means that we constantly strive to provide solutions to clients, even if they are not aware of problems. To this end, we adopt advanced technology and production means.